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All Career Resources

The list below features resources available to Stanford students and alumni. Whether you're looking for your first job, considering a career change, or launching your own business, there's a resource to get you started.

To get started: Sign up for a Stanford Alumni Association email address to access alumni career resources.

Connect & Collaborate

  • Connect with alumni via the Alumni Directory. Find alums with whom you share industry or company interests, reach out and make a connection.
  • Join the Stanford Alumni LinkedIn group. First add your email to your LinkedIn settings and enjoy all the features of LinkedIn within the Stanford community, like alumni job postings and career tips.
  • Check out best practices for finding alumni on the Alumni Directory or LinkedIn.
  • Join alumni career groups to network, share industry resources, or seek advice.
  • Attend in-person and virtual events for career guidance, thought leadership, and networking opportunities.

How to search for alumni using the alumni directory or LinkedIn

  • Alumni directory: Click on Advanced Search, enter company name, industry, function, region, etc. and view alumni profiles.
  • LinkedIn (from Stanford University page): Go to the Stanford University LinkedIn page, click on “Alumni” and enter a keyword or company.
  • LinkedIn (from company page): Enter company name into the search bar, go to People and search by “Stanford” to see alumni who work there.

    Connect with alumni using their email address from the Stanford alumni directory or message them in the Stanford Alumni LinkedIn Group.


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