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Faculty Leaders

Heather Hadlock

associate professor of music

Heather Hadlock is an associate professor of music. She studies 18th- and 19th-century French and Italian opera, with a focus on changing norms for representing masculinity in opera on nineteenth-century stages and in contemporary productions of classic operas. Her research repertoire encompasses Italian bel canto opera, Berlioz, Offenbach, operatic masculinities, opera in the age of its digital mediation, and divas and technology. She has directed Stanford's interdisciplinary Program in Feminist, Gender, and serves on the editorial board of the journal Nineteenth-Century Music.

“I love how music in The Children Act invests a modern tale of a legal dispute and its consequences with Romantic and archetypal resonance. Fiona Maye is a high-level judge struggling to balance the psychic and emotional demands of her marriage and her work. But she is also a pianist who perceives people and situations through poetry and music, and key scenes center around playing music. This book should come with a CD! I’m excited to put together a playlist."

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Books Heather Hosted

  • The Children Act