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Repeat waitlist applicants

You are considered a repeat waitlist applicant in the following scenarios:


If you applied for a spot at Sierra Camp for summer 2019, did not receive a permanent cabin assignment and intend to re-apply for a summer 2020 reservation, or


If you applied consecutively prior to summer 2019.

In mid-November, repeat waitlist applicants will receive a yellow “returning applicant” form and a letter from the reservations department with their consecutive years of application, and flexibility credits. Applicants should return this form promptly, as a timely response will impact status in the 2020 waitlist lottery.* The deadline for repeat waitlist applicants to complete and submit their yellow “returning applicant” form is Monday, January, 6, 2020. If you did not receive a form or letter, please email us at

Flexible application credit

Applicants who are available for at least eight weeks of the summer program, request all lodging options that will accommodate their immediate family and apply before the January deadline will receive a flexibility credit. To retain the flexibility credit, applicants must be available for each of their requests through March 31st of that year. If you decline an offer made to you before March 31st you will lose 2 flexibility credits, one for the current year and one from a previous year.

Due to the Summer 2020 program being cancelled, we are not able to offer any flexibility credits for the 2020 season. You will receive application credit for applying in 2020, which will further you along the wait list for future summers, but you will not receive a flexibility credit for 2020. We want to acknowledge and thank all those that applied in a flexible manner. We will be resuming all Camp application policies and the flexibility credit option again for 2021.


Applicants will be notified by mail of cabin assignments or waitlist statuses after February 17, 2020. Families on the waitlist will be notified as cancellations occur. Payment in full is due by March 1, 2020 for weeks 2-7, and March 15, 2020 for weeks 8-13.


Reservations will be cancelled if full payment is not received by the due date. Payments are refundable only if written notification is received at least 30 days prior to the guest’s scheduled arrival; cancellations are subject to a $500 cancellation fee. Credit card payments are not accepted for Stanford Sierra Camp. Stanford Sierra Camp is a program of SAA-Sierra Programs, L.L.C., with application priority given to Stanford University alumni. Alumni applying to Camp must be current members of the Stanford Alumni Association. If not members already, alumni may join as life members. Non-alumni pay a $300 use fee if they received a cabin assignment. Applications from non-alumni and university affiliates are ranked below all alumni applicants, regardless of application submission date.

*Applicants maintain their waitlist ranking if they held a fill-in cabin that became available because a returning camper “stopped out” for a year.