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Current reservation holders

You are considered a current reservation holder if you have received a permanent cabin assignment. By October 21, current reservation holders will receive a letter and green current reservation holder form from the Stanford Sierra Camp reservations department. Reservation holders must respond by December 1, 2019, indicating whether they intend to:


Return to Camp this year and pay for the cabin assigned. (Payment is due in full by March 1, 2020 for weeks 2–7, and March 15, 2020 for weeks 8–13. Invoices for the balance due will be mailed out by January 31, 2020. The $500 deposit is non-refundable upon submission of return-camper materials);


Request to switch weeks or cabin types; or


Enter the stop-out lottery this year.

Those who have not received their letter by October 25 or are unsure of their fill-in or permanent assignment status from 2019 should contact Carrie Webb at (530) 542-5600 or at

Summer 2020 COVID -19 Updates

If you are a current reservation holder, your returning priority will carry over to summer 2021. If you requested a new week or lodging accommodation in 2020 and we were able to accommodate that request, the new placement will apply for 2021. If you are a new family that was offered a returning spot for 2020, and you confirmed and paid for your reservation, that returning priority will carry over to summer 2021. If you were granted a fill-in spot, a one-year visit in 2020, we will try our best to have another spot for you in 2021, but we are not able to guarantee that. If you have questions regarding this, you can email Carrie Webb at –

“Stopping out” from Sierra Camp

The “Stop Out” program allows up to 42 current reservation holders the opportunity to take a one-year leave of absence. In turn, this opportunity provides a chance for the equivalent number of applicants on the waitlist to make a one-year visit to Camp. When assigned to these one-year vacancies, "fill-in" families do not lose their ranking on the waitlist for that year.

Summer program details

Details about the summer program—like staff bios, activities and the Week in Preview—can all be found at Visit the site, bookmark it and check back frequently as your Camp week approaches!


Suggested Stanford Sierra Camp packing list

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